The Board of Directors of Indel B S.p.A. has been appointed by the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of March 07, 2017 and will remain in charge until the approval of the Financial Statements for the fiscal year ended as of 31 December 2019.


Antonio Berloni
Born in Serrungarina (PU) on 3 September 1936. In 1988, along with his brother Marcello Berloni, he took over the entire share capital of the Issuer from the insolvency proceedings it was undergoing. He is now Chairman and legal representative of the Issuer. For many years, he was a member of the boards of directors of Confindustria Pesaro, Banca Marche and Fondazione della Cassa di Risparmio di Pesaro. In 2002 he was decorated with the honour of Cavaliere del Lavoro della Repubblica Italiana (lit. ‘Knight of Labour’ of the Italian Republic).
Paolo Berloni
Deputy chairman
Born in Pesaro on 26 March 1975; he obtained a secondary school diploma in scientific studies and has a level 1 Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Bologna, and took part in a number of training courses on production planning, analytical accounting and management control, analysis and management of financial statements data and management and communication. From 2001 to 2002 he held the role of Marketing Manager at Interby Italiana Mobili S.p.A. and from 2002 to 2010 the role of IT Manager at the same company and at Berloni S.p.A. As at the Prospectus Date, he is a director of B Technology S.r.l. and AMP. FIN and Deputy Chairman of the board of directors and the Chief Information Officer of Indel B.
Luca Bora
Chief executive officer and general manager
Born in Civitanova Marche (MC) on 29 November 1965; he graduated, with honours, in physics from the University of Bologna and a second level masters in innovation management from the University of Pisa. He became a process engineer in the International Rectifier Corporation in 1994. He was a quality and production consultant at Consulmarche - Integrated Company Management Services between 1995 and 1998. He has been the Managing Director of Indel B and Condor B since April 1998, a member of the Executive Board of Indel Webasto Marine since 2008, Director of Indel B Guangdong from 2005 and the Chief Executive Officer of Indel B since 24 May 2016.
Claudia Amadori
Born in Pesaro on 8 July 1939. In the 1960s, having completed her studies, she held the role of head of administration and finance of Mobili Berloni, a company active in the manufacturing of kitchens and modular systems, which she continued to do for around forty years in the Berloni group companies. In the 1990s she held the position of President of AIDDA (women entrepreneurs of the Marches). For around ten years, she held the role of Director at Assufficio-Federlegno arredo and was a member of the board of directors of Confindustria Pesaro for some mandates, as well as a director of the Pesaro branch of the Bank of Italy for around fifteen years. She is currently a director of Indel B.
Massimo Berloni
Born in Pesaro on 25 May 1965; he has a secondary school diploma in surveyor studies. Specialised in the office furniture sector, he is a member of the Iterby Italiana Mobili S.p.A. foundation. He is currently the sole director of IBK Project S.r.l., a furniture manufacturer, and a director of Indel B. He is an inventor of technical solutions, the object of specific patents, in the field of office furniture and kitchens.
Oscardo Severi
Born in Fossombrone (PU) on 7 April 1948; he obtained a secondary school diploma in industrial technician studies, with a specialisation in industrial chemistry in 1969 from the “E.Mattei” Industrial Institute of Urbino and has followed numerous continuing education courses since then. In 1969, he was co-author of the “SOREM” Ecological and Environmental Consultancy Study and served an apprenticeship with the Hygiene and Prevention Laboratory of the Province of Pesaro-Urbino, and was a consultant with Technowater S.r.l., Ecoservice S.n.c. and Giesse S.n.c. In 1970, he became chemical expert on secondment with the Chemical Department of the Hygiene and Prevention Laboratory of the Province of Pesaro-Urbino, as an analyst in the “Pollution” department. In 1972 he took samples and processed statistical data on professional illnesses and audiometric instruments for the Work Medicine Service of the Provincial Administration of Pesaro-Urbino. A year later he became full time chemical expert with the Medical Section of the Hygiene and Prevention Laboratory of the Province of Pesaro-Urbino. He became a member of the Consultancy Committee of Laboratorio Adriatico S.n.c. in 1974 for chemical-clinical analyses. In 1977 he became a member of the Consultation Committee of Spegi S.r.l., and four years later, began to work as a chemical expert with the Biotoxicology Area of the Multizonal Service of the Public Health Service of Pesaro. He was appointed by the Court of Pesaro as an Official of the judicial police in 1987. From 1996 to 1998, he was a limited partner in SERIM di Maggioli Laura e C. S.a.s. From 1989 to the Prospectus Date, he has been co-owner of Studio Ecologico Associato SEA, SEA Studio Ecologico S.r.l., SEA Gruppo S.r.l. and LAM S.r.l., along with a number of different positions in numerous other companies. He has also written numerous publications.
Annalisa Berloni
Born in Pesaro on 27 August 1963. From 1982 until 1991 she worked at Iterby Italiana Mobili S.p.A., in 1991 she joined Mobili Berloni as secretary, then in 1998, took up the position of Head of Human Resources at the same company and, from 2002 she has been a director of B Holding S.r.l. She is currently a director of Indel B.
Anna Grazia Bartolini
Born in Sant’Agata Feltria (RN) on 9 June 1956; she joined Indel B in 1973 as an administrative employee and general accounts clerk and became Head of Administration in 1985. She was put in charge of administration and finance in 1988 and, since 2000, has been the Administrative and Financial Manager of the Indel B Group companies, a member of the Executive Board of Indel Webasto Marine from 2008 and the CFO of the Indel B Group since 2016.
Giordano Salvatore
Independent director
Born in Pietraffitta (CS) on 10 September 1950; he obtained a degree in law from the University of Camerino and specialised in Labour law and Industrial Relations at the Bocconi University of Milan and the University of Florence in 1975 and 1976. He worked first in the trade union area and then as Deputy Managing Director at the Association of Industrialists of the Province of Ancona between 1977 and 1990. Since 1991, he has been Managing Director at Confindustria Pesaro Urbino, and Chief Executive Officer of the service company Assindustria Consulting, 100% held by Confindustria Pesaro Urbino.
Enrico Loccioni
Independent director
Born in Serra San Quirico (AN) on 30 October 1949; he obtained a degree in innovation technology from the University of Camerino. He is now, inter alia, the sole director of AEA S.r.l., General Impianti S.r.l. and Summa S.r.l.. He develops and creates customised solutions to meet customer requirements, combining skills and research in quality control and automation measurement. He has received numerous awards and honours including Cavaliere (1985), Ufficiale (1994), Commendatore (1996), Grande Ufficiale (2007) and Knight of the Order of Malta (2009), the “Federichino 2004” prize (for business culture), the “Gentile da Fabriano” prize (2005), the Ernst&Young “L’Imprenditore dell’Anno 2007” prize for “Quality of Life” and the “Imprenditore Olivettiano” prize in 2008. He was also awarded the “Marchigiani dell’Anno” and “Cavaliere della Crescia” prizes in 2008. He was appointed as a Cavaliere del Lavoro in 2015 in recognition of his contribution to industry. In 2010 he received the National Prize for Innovation, the Legambiente Environmental Company Prize for the Leaf Community Project, the Ruben d’Honeur of the European Business Award for the Corporate Sustainability category and the Grand Design Etico International Award for the Leaf Meter Project. In 2016, the MIUR named him as one of the School/Work Rotation Champions for the “L’Impresa per tutte le età” (Company for all ages) project integrating school and work and spanning various generations.
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